Burma Campaign

Mike Robertson climbing the Eiffel tower as a protest against the Burma Regime

Mike Robertson scales the Eiffel tower

It was after researching a climbing expedition to Burma in 2001 that I became aware of the political situation there. Burma has an elected Prime Minister, Aung San Suu Kyi, who’s been under house arrest for the majority of the last 19 years. And the Burmese people are currently ruled by the vicious ruling junta, usually referred to as the generals. The atrocities committed by the regime include forced relocation, rape, child labour, imprisonment without trial, and murder.

Mike Robertson scales the Lloyds building in London as a protest against the financial interests that Lloyds holds with the  Burma Regime.

Mike climbs the Lloyds building in London

It was these facts that prompted me to go to Paris in November 2007 and climb the Eiffel Tower, as a stab at local French company Total Oil, who have major business dealings with the regime. And it was for the same reason I went to the City of London in June 2009; the Lloyd’s insurance syndicates in Lime Street supply much-needed financial services to the generals.

Please find the time to take a look at www.burmacampaign.org.uk, and help in any way you can. The links below provide the videos of the protests themselves and the ensuing media coverage; I hope you find time to enjoy these.

The Eiffel Tower Protest | 1. Tackling the difficult overhang at 90m. 2. A gendarmerie escort from the scene.

The Lloyds Building Protest | 1. Mike trains for the ascent. 2. Unfurling the banner. 3. A police escort from the scene.

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